Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a difference a year makes...

I just realized today that it has been nearly a year since I have posted on this blog 'o mine. When I say you will not believe all that has happened... I really mean that.

Since I last posted I have gone thru all of my first holidays as a Jewess... from Chanukah to Simchat Torah... I began dating... met someone in May... became engaged in June and GOT MARRIED in September!!

I have landed 'over the rainbow' once again. I am a VERY blessed woman.

I look forward to sharing many more simchas and hopefully with more frequency.



BJ said...

And a very lovely bride you were!

Michal bas Avraham said...

I stumbled upon this blog, but, I would love to talk to you. Check out my (new) blog at:

Anonymous said...
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