Monday, April 17, 2006

The Chol Hamoed Blues

So this was my first Pesach in the community. I was invited out for both seders and every meal during the first days. I absolutely loved it. I met so many people in the community that I had seen but didn't really know. I made so many new friends and lost count of how many times I told my story.

Today I am crashing hard. I guess I just haven't really had time to process everything that happened. Also, as wonderful as it was, I felt very stretched by the experience. And in a way it was kind of scary. I really had to come out of my comfort zone and it is hard to show up at an orthodox event and say your name when you don't yet have Jewish one. And my name is extremely "un-Jewish".

And I have not yet factored in the three visits I had with my sisters in one week just prior to Pesach. And while they were actually quite lovely visits, I still find it emotionally taxing to be around my family.

And so I find myself trying to comprehend all that has happened. I want to laugh at myself because it was good stuff but I'm not reacting as if it were, but it's probably normal and I'll probably bounce back just in time for the last days...:)