Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Things I Cannot Change

The most painful things in life are the ones over which we have absolutely no control. They are the ones that hit you so hard in the gut that it knocks the air out of you and all you can do is stand there and take it. It is what it is... there's nothing you can do about it... it can't be changed.

Sometimes the victory isn't making progress... it's just trying to keep from being completely annihilated.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Rainbow in the Clouds

"There will always be a righteous minority within mankind, who despite the vapors, will be ready and willing to accept the burden and beauty of arching bravely and steadily heavenwards; to touch some of heaven's radiance from beyond, then curve gracefully back towards the earth --thus banishing the gloom from within their arc and filling the threatening atmosphere with the glorious ray of colors that are manmade reflections of G-d's truth and hope for mankind."

One of the things that absolutely fascinates me about Judaism is that it is not enough to be spiritual. You must also be practical. Spiritual principles once learned, enrich the soul. And yet, if they do not also serve to bring some betterment, some form of correction or healing to the earth then it has only served half its purpose. It is not complete.

"A rainbow signals that the present chaos is merely the storm before the calm."

Rainbows bring such a mixture of gravity and hope. It's amazing. They are a warning that once again mankind has reached the brink of G-d's patience and yet at the same time He is reminding us that there is always hope... never give up... no matter what.

Quotes from Tzvi Freeman's article posted at Chabad.org.

Sins of the fathers...

Somewhere it says that the sins of the fathers will be visited on the children... I can't remember where and at this point it doesn't matter to me. It's just that I remember. I do not believe that G-d will actually hold children responsible for what their parents did wrong. But the reality of it is that what your parents do directly effects you whether you like it or not. The choice that you have in this is whether or not it will effect you for the good or for the bad.

My father has made some terrible decisions. In fact, today I hate him. Actually there is nothing more to say. I hate him and what he has done. I hate him for the selfish coward that he has turned out to be.