Friday, July 28, 2006

The Cliched Truth

Today I struggle with doing enough. As the war for the soul of Israel rages I know I should do more, but what, when, how? I can't get away from the thought that ultimately good must prevail. G-d is goodness and He is the one who created everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. Evil is something He uses for a higher purpose we can't understand.

Therefore in the meantime what do we do? I think about trusting Him, and I do. I think about loving Him, but how do I show it?

As I thought about this I thought about how I'd love to reach out and touch Him. To show in my most human way that I love Him. I would love to hug G-d. It's how we show we care. I'd love to go cook Him dinner or buy Him groceries or make Him a present. It made me very sad to think that I can never touch Him.

But then it dawned on me and we've all heard it a million times before, but the Truth isn't hard, it's always right in front of us, precisely within our reach.

We CAN touch G-d. We can hug Him, shake His hand, show Him we care. We can go buy groceries or bake a cake... any number of creative ways that we can think of to show that what is happening matters to us and that we want to make a difference.

You guessed it.... Ahavas Israel ..... Ahavas Ha Olam

The person sitting next to you, your next door neighbor....whomever it may be. It sounds old and worn out, but that is how the Creator set it up. He wants us to love him by loving those we can touch.

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Philly Farmgirl said...

Very nice, you done good! Funny isn't it, how the simple and the cliched seems the last things we really want to do. It's not glamourous, romantic or 'spiritual', but usually, it is the truth.